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Author United Furniture Group 1/18/2024

About The Author Alex Taras

About The Author Alex Taras


Alex Taras has worked in the furniture industry for over 17 years and can provide insightful information. He is the author of many articles related to furniture. Over 17 years in the industry, he has done everything from furniture deliveries and assembly to sales and customer service. He has been at customers' homes delivering furniture, worked at the warehouse with many furniture products, and assisted people over the phone and in the showroom. Alex Taras has worked with thousands of furniture products and has been to numerous furniture shows.


He also has 25 years of experience in customer support and has helped a diverse range of customers nationwide. He is a webmaster with experience building professional websites for small businesses, putting together authentic content, and providing people with helpful information. Since Alex Taras has tons of experience and expertise in the furniture industry, he has been given the role of an author. With all this knowledge and experience, he has earned the position of General Manager at United Furniture Group. He writes articles and has become an author to share his expertise.


Before joining United Furniture Group in 2007, he had over ten years of experience providing customer support and other professional services related to software, sales, retail, and customer satisfaction. He worked for other companies and provided services to army bases, hospitals, hotels, schools, manufacturers, and retail. During his career, he has achieved a 98% customer satisfaction score for some of his companies. Alex Taras has performed the role of a team leader and a supervisor. He traveled nationwide and worked face-to-face with people while providing support and training.


United Furniture Group is proud to have Alex Taras on their staff. He's a highly skilled professional with a proven track record and offers significant input in our daily operations. His experience and personality help people find solutions. Below is his contact information and some of the articles that he has written.


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