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Author Alex Taras 1//9/2024


Best Quality Furniture Brands


How to Find the Best Quality Furniture Brands


Best quality furniture brands are easy to find if you know what to look for. Today, brands make furniture differently, so the things that were important in the past are different. It does not mean product quality has declined, but it means that there are new and creative ways to manufacture it.


Most of the best quality furniture brands produce their product using machines and computer software with a human behind it. Factory workers are still involved in the process, but now it's fewer people. The features of the items that people look for today have also changed.


For example, solid wood construction is no longer critical since a different, strong material can be applied to produce excellent products. Another popular belief from the past is about the dovetailing and drawers. While you can still find dovetailed drawers, there's a better way to build drawers today and produce durability that will last longer. People also prefer soft closing drawers, which are easy to use and a feature that did not exist in the past.


If you're in the market for best quality furniture brands, you are already on the right path, given your budget, design preferences, and length of time you'd like to use the product. Look for brands that sell more expensive items; if you see something similar made by a different brand and priced much cheaper, it will not be the same. Ensure this brand's products have good reviews and positive track records.


Characteristics of High-Quality Furniture Brands


Sturdy Construction:

You can tell it's strong and will withstand weight and daily heavy use. It does not move out of place when you start using it unless it's a small and light product.


Attention to Details:

All corners look the same, and no design is distorted. Everything is even, including surfaces, upholstery, corners, and design.


Good Finish Applied:

All surfaces are smooth, with no bumps or dents. All the surfaces are even, and the coloring is identical unless the design demands otherwise.



Ensure they are easy to use, operate smoothly, and not wobbly. Drawers should stay solid on their tracks and have good joins.


Leather Type:

Genuine leather upholstery is preferred, and a good leather match on the back is acceptable. Even if the back is exposed in the room, good leather match upholstery will not cause any issues. Having genuine leather everywhere your body touches is essential, but the back is ok. Best quality furniture brands do not offer bonded leather upholstery, as it will eventually pill off.


Fabric Upholstery:

Velvet, chenille, linen, and microfiber are preferred fabrics. Ensure it feels good when touching and that any design on the fabric is intact.


Durable Legs:

Legs bear the weight of the entire piece and people's weight, so make sure they are securely attached. Whether it's wood, plastic, metal, or steel legs, they should be unbendable.


Best-quality furniture brands often come at a price, but their items will work for years and provide all the luxury you need. Just because the brand is widely known doesn't always mean it's of high quality. Many hidden gems in the industry are the best quality furniture brands and provide unmatched craftsmanship.


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