Italian Leather Upholstery

Italian leather upholstery is considered important part of fashion and home decor. Its name has become quite confusing for a lot of shoppers. That can be related to the fact that some retail stores sell products in different types of leather, advertising it as an Italian leather product. It is famous and the number of products are made from it. These items include furniture, shoes, clothing and even car upholstery. It has provided the market with a diverse range of items but for a high price tag.

Italian leather is made from an animal skin and subjected to a long treatment process. No artificial products are used and natural oils are applied in the process. It is made by some of the most skilled craftsmanship and will last for many years to come thanks to its high quality. Today Italian leather furniture considered to be number one quality furniture. When shopping you will also run into other types of leather. We will name most popular types on the market such as genuine, premium and bonded.

Genuine means real and it can be made in America and other countries. This is considered a high grade. Premium is usually made in Europe or China and this is just as good as Italian leather. Bonded is not a real thing. It is fabric with a thin layer of leather which is usually anywhere between %15 to %40. On this type of upholstery the surface might start cracking in about 3 - 5 years depending on its use. If you're looking for truly good furniture leather upholstery, we recommend getting Italian, Genuine or Premium upholstery furniture.



Italian Leather Furniture Upholstery

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