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What are Italian Leather Sectional Sofas?

Italian leather sectional sofas are considered mportant part of modern fashion and home decor.

What is with Italian Leather?

To be honest, the term Italian leather has become quite confusing, this could be related to the fact that it has the best quality in the world. Yeah we get the point, it`s famous and a number of products are made of it. These products include furniture articles, Italian leather sectional sofas, shoes, fashion accessories and even car upholstery. It has provided the market with a diverse range of products but for a high price tag. It is made from an animal skin and subjected to a long treatment process. No artificial products are used to make it. Natural oils are used in process. Italian leather is made by one of the most skilled and experience craftsmanship. Above all, it`s made to last long thanks to its high quality.

Connection with Italian Leather Sectional Sofas

Today Italian leather sectional sofas are considered to be number one quality product that will serve you for many years. When shopping often you will also run into other types of leather. We will name most popular types on the market such as genuine, premium and bonded.

Genuine means real and it can be made in America or other countries. This is almost the same as getting Italian leather sectional sofa which is the best type. Premium is usually made in Europe or China and this is just as good as Italian leather. Bonded is not a real thing. It is fabric with a thin layer of leather which is usually anywhere between %15 to %40. Considering the fact that most sofas are half leather with a leather match on the sides and backs, you get the point. On these types of sectional sofas the surface might start cracking in about three four years depending on its use. Even thou it might give you the look you're looking for, it is more of fabric upholstery and can not be compared to real thing.


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