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Italian Leather Sofa Upholstery

Author Alex Taras 1/14/2024

Italian Leather Sofa Upholstery


Italian leather sofa upholstery is a preferred choice by many people and is an integral part of fashion and home decor. It's famous for many products like furniture, shoes, clothing, and car upholstery.


Its name has become quite confusing for many people, especially those trying to find more information about it. Many furniture stores over-represent or under-represent it depending on the situation and the customer's budget.


You can find out all about Italian leather for yourself. While we can not tell you about shoes, we can certainly tell you about Italian leather sofas and other furniture. We can also explain all types of leather upholstery and clear any confusion.


Is it worth buying an Italian leather sofa?

It's considered one of the most durable sofa upholstery on the furniture market. Its famous longevity and variety of product designs make it a good investment. Produced by some of the most skilled craftsmanship, it will last many years due to its high quality.


What is Italian leather?

Italian leather is made of cow hides processed at a factory and applied to products. This process involves natural oils and other treatments. Cowhide is a natural, unbleached animal skin widely used to produce top-grain Italian leather sofas.


Will leather stay heated in the summer and cold in the winter?

It depends on the quality of the leather and will not cause this sensation on genuine leather upholstery. It also depends on the temperature in a room since leather is a natural product.


Should I buy a sofa with half or full Italian leather upholstery?


Half:  Top-grain Italian leather is applied to the front of a sofa everywhere your body touches. On the back, it will have a leather match upholstery. This leather match is durable and will sustain heavy usage. Even if the back of a sofa is exposed in your room, this will not cause any issues.


Full:  Top-grain Italian leather is applied everywhere on a sofa.


What are the other types of leather used to make furniture?


Bonded Leather:  It is a fabric with a thin layer of leather applied on top, producing around 15% to 40% of a leather surface. Depending on usage, it might start showing cracks or pealing after a certain period.


Leather Match:  Commonly applied on the back and sides of Italian leather sofas everywhere your body does not touch. This type of leather match upholstery is durable and will sustain heavy usage. An entirely leather match-upholstered sofa is not recommended.


Premium Leather:  Real animal skin and genuine high-grade leather upholstery made in Europe or Asia.


Genuine Leather:  Real animal skin and genuine high-grade leather upholstery made in the USA and other countries.


Different Batches:  Leather can be applied to products once colored. Different batches of leather, even on the identical product model, might vary and feel slightly different. Even if the color of the Italian leather sofa is identical, the upholstery on each sofa might show variations if other batches of leather are applied. Genuine Italian leather is a natural product, and every batch of cowhides will add a slight variation to its skin, which changes its overall color.






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