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Product Return Policy and Fee Information


Restocking and Shipping Fees:

You can return the order within five business days of your delivery for a money refund. The products included in your order have to be in perfect condition and the original packaging. Any returns require a 25% restocking fee and all the shipping charges, even if the original shipping was free.


Since we are responsible for delivering your furniture in perfect condition, there's no reason to return it. If there's anything wrong, it is considered a different situation, so please let us know.


We only present high-quality products on our website and rarely experience a "return" situation. We work closely with manufacturers and have seen most of our large furniture live, so we know it's high quality. We can proudly say that if you like what you see in the picture, you will love it when you see it live.


Why must we charge restocking and shipping fees?

We are ready to cover your initial shipping charge, so the shipping is free when you place an order. Before your order ships, additional protective packaging is added to the original packaging to ensure safer shipping and delivery. Many people are involved in your order process, from people at the office and the warehouse to the shipping company and delivery teams.


If you are returning the furniture, our delivery team will have to get it from your location to ensure its legitimacy for a return and its safe return in good condition. The next step is to repackage at the shipping facility. Then, it's finally shipped back to our warehouse or the manufacturer, where it needs to be unpacked and rechecked to ensure it's in perfect condition. We have to pay for this whole process, which is why there are restocking and shipping charges when the order is returned.



We inspect all items before they leave the warehouse for shipping. Additional protective packaging is added to its original packaging. A high-quality shipping company and delivery teams handle all of our deliveries. Only high-quality products are sold and delivered from United Furniture Group. We do everything possible to ensure that your furniture arrives in perfect condition and rarely experience this situation.


In rare cases, if damage occurs, please notify us within 24 hours of delivery. You may also be asked to present pictures of a damaged item. We have excellent customer service and give personal attention to every customer so you are in good hands.