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Store Policies of United Furniture Group



After you place an order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. United Furniture Group reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer should the information on the order appear suspicious or for other legitimate reasons. Your order will be processed after it is reviewed and confirmed.



United Furniture Group provides customers with the best possible pictures of our products. All of the images are provided to us by the manufacturers. Color representations on the device or computer screens are based on display settings; minor color variations may occur in rare cases



Shipping times are an estimate and not guaranteed. Delays in shipping can not be a reason to cancel, chargeback, or refund the order. Once the furniture ships, your order can not be canceled. We will do everything possible and use all our resources to deliver your furniture ASAP. We will call a few days ahead to schedule your delivery appointment.


Furniture Delivery:

Your furniture will be delivered with great care. However, we encourage you to inspect all of your furniture upon delivery. In rare cases of damage, please specify the damage on the delivery receipt and let us know within 24 hours. If you are getting delivery with assembly, please check all product/products before letting the delivery team go and sign the receipt, which states that you received the product in good condition.


We encourage you to clear anything before delivery if you receive inside-home delivery. Some of the products, such as mirrors and headboards on some models, require to be screwed to the walls. Our delivery team will be unable to perform such tasks due to security reasons, such as damaging your house walls that are not a part of your order. Our delivery team is experienced and will do everything to avoid accidents. We or the company performing the delivery are not to be held responsible for any accidents.


Our delivery team does not dispose of empty boxes or packaging. They can neatly place the boxes where you tell them or where your garbage usually gets picked up, as long as it is right by your home. They will be unable to take the boxes/packaging back with them.


If you are receiving inside delivery, please measure all the doorways and hallways so we can bring and fit your furniture inside your home. All product sizes are specified on our website. Please consider a few extra inches of the packaging. We will do everything we can to fit the furniture inside your home, and we are very good at it. If the furniture does not fit inside your home and we cannot bring it inside, we will not be held responsible for getting it inside your home. If the product does not fit inside your home and you would like to return it, it will be treated as a returned item with the return fees applied.



Payments are not refundable after 30 days from placing the order. If you left a deposit or agreed to wait for the "out of stock" order, you may cancel it and get a refund unless it is a "special order" or was already shipped.


Your order may be canceled before it is processed or shipped. You can also return any product within five business days after your delivery for a money refund. Item has to be not assembled, in perfect condition inside its original packaging. Any returns require a 25% restocking fee and coverage of the actual round-trip shipping charges, even if the shipping was free. For more details on Product Returns, click here.


Damages:  Deliveries are performed by highly professional staff. All products come in a quality packing that protects an item from damage and normally arrive in perfect condition. Please inspect all the furniture upon delivery. The driver or the delivery team has to wait until you check all the furniture and sign the receipt, which states that you received the furniture in good condition. In rare cases, if damage occurs, notify us within 24 hours so we can resolve the issue. You may be asked to present pictures of damages.


If you have discovered damages after your furniture was signed for, that furniture can not be returned. Depending on the situation and the damage, we will provide a replacement or discount or have one of our technicians fix the issue.


Please note that we can only work with you on damaged items. The items that are not damaged will not be supported even if these items happen to be a part of the set where other item/items happen to be damaged. We will work with you on the damaged item only.


Special Orders:  If the product is a special order, it will usually say so in its description. Special orders are made especially for you; those are not mass-produced items. A factory makes these items upon the customer's request. It takes 2-4 months to receive a special order. Upon final agreement with a customer, special orders are final, non-refundable, and can not be canceled or changed.