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General Manager and Author: Alex Taras

General Manager and Author Alex Taras


United Furniture Group is a high-quality online store. We offer traditional and modern furniture at discounted prices and free shipping nationwide. Assembly is available free of charge in most states. Started in 2007 as a brick-and-mortar store, we have been in business for 17 years. Once the showroom opened, our new e-commerce site became popular and served people nationwide.


As time passed, more people from different states started buying our high-quality products and enjoyed discounted prices, free shipping, and excellent customer service. It quickly became a favorite of many customers nationwide. There was no longer a need for a showroom, so United Furniture Group turned it into a warehouse. This warehouse has some of the items that we sell online.


High-quality American, Italian, and European brands make all the products shown on our website. These brands have a proven record of skillful craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We have never had a return order due to poor quality.


Dedication to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction:


United Furniture Group strives to provide people with superior customer service. Live support is available six days a week by phone, chat, or email. Even if it's after hours, you can still get support by using chat or email to contact us. We provide customers with only the best so they don't have to deal with unnecessary stress.


Your order gets delivered by a trusted shipping company and professional delivery team. They know how to treat your order and avoid any damage. If assembly is unavailable in your state, they can still bring your order inside and inspect it before leaving.


United Furniture Group provides superior service and helps people find good furniture online at discounted prices. Our mission is to offer a high-quality shopping experience and personal attention with the convenience of online shopping.


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