Bed Sizes and Dimensions

Below is the complete list of all bed sizes currently available for sale in the United States. It includes eastern king, California king, queen, full and twin bed sizes. All sizes are based on actual mattress area. Frame around different bed models varies in sizes. Those sizes would be based on thickness of the frame around the bed and would depend on specific bed model. To find out the size of bed frame for specific model, check product dimensions on specific product page. Overall difference in size between actual bed models is due to thickness of frame and width of headboard and footboard.

Mattress is always measured from very top all the way to bottom and then side to side. This is done for all mattresses such as eastern king, California king, queen, full and twin size mattresses. Bed frame is measured from outside of headboard all the way down to outside of footboard and then side to side. All the bed models imported into the United States from Europe and Asia are made in standard American sizes to fit American size mattresses.


Twin: W39” x L74”

Smallest size bed fits one person.


Full: W54” x L75”

Twin and Full sizes are almost same in length but 15 inches different in width which will provide noticeable difference.


Queen: W60” x L80”

Queen size bed gives you another 6 inches in width and 5 inches in lenght.


Eastern King: W76” x L80”

Eastern King size is most commonly used in the United States. 16 inches wider then queen, length is the same.


California King: W72” x L84”

California King is 4 inches longer from head to toes and 4 inches smaller in width then regular Eastern king size bed.


Bed Models and Sizes

Sleigh bed offers curved headboard and curved footboard, it requires a box spring foundation for the mattress. Canopy poster bed feature small or large posts on a headboard and footboard and also require box spring. Platform bed allows you to place the mattress on top of already included foundation which eliminates the need for box spring. Keep in mind that case goods such as nightstands, dressers and chests are always the same in size regardless of the size of the bed. Platform beds usually come in modern style while most classic designs still require box spring. Queen size beds are very popular among shoppers since it doesn't take too much space and comfortably fits two people. King size beds has a wider sleeping area then all other sizes and offer plenty of room to relax. Full bed is a little smaller then queen but it is still comfortable for two people and it saves space in the room.


Modern Bed Sizes