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Bed Size Measurements

This is a complete detailed list of measurements for different bed sizes such as twin, full, queen and king. Please note these are the sizes of the actual sleeping mattress area. The exact outside dimensions of the entire bed size will vary depending on the model you are measuring. Overall difference between models is due to thickness of the frame or width of the headboard and footboard. These are standard American sizes that are also used for the most models from Europe and Asia. Width is measured from one side to another of the sleeping mattress area that runs near headboard. Length is measured from head to toes and from headboard to footboard.


Twin Bed Size: W39” x L74”

This is a smallest size bed that fits one person.


Full Bed Size: W54” x L75”

Twin and Full sizes are almost the same in length but fifteen inches different in width which will provide noticeable comfort.


Queen Bed Size: W60” x L80”

If you are taller and need more space queen gives you another six inches in width and five in length.


King Bed Size: W76” x L80”

This is Eastern King sizes most commonly used in the U.S. It is sixteen inches wider then a queen and the length is the same.


California King Bed Size: W72” x L84”

California King is four inches longer from head to toes and four inches smaller in width then a regular Eastern king.


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