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Bed Sizes Guide

Author Alex Taras 1//10/2024

Bed Sizes Guide and Mattress Dimensions


Below is the complete list of all bed sizes and mattress dimensions currently available in the United States market. It includes guidance to measure eastern king, California king, queen, full, and twin beds. Based on the mattress sleeping area and the actual bed frame.


The frames of different models vary in size. The overall difference between all models is due to the thickness of the frame and the width of the headboard and footboard. To find out the size of the rame, check product dimensions.


Measure a mattress from top to bottom and then side to side to determine its dimensions. The height of different mattresses varies, but their width and length are standard. It applies to all mattresses such as Eastern king, California king, queen, full, and twin sizes.


Twin: W39” x L74”

The smallest size fits only one person.


Full: W54” x L75”

The full bed sizes fit two people. It's wider than a twin by 15 inches and provides a significant difference.


Queen: W60” x L80”

A queen mattress gives you another 6 inches in width and 5 inches in length and easily fits two people.


Eastern King: W76” x L80”

An Eastern King is widely popular and 16 inches wider than a queen. The length of the queen and the eastern king is always the same.


California King: W72” x L84”

California King is 4 inches longer than the Eastern from head to toe and 4 inches smaller in width than the regular Eastern King.


Platforms, Box Springs, and Bunkie Boards


The sleigh bed offers a curved headboard and curved footboard and requires a box spring foundation for your mattress. Canopy designs featuring posts on a headboard and footboard also need a box spring. Platform beds allow you to place your mattress on top of an already included foundation, eliminating the need for a box spring. Platform features are available mainly for a modern style, while most classic designs still require box springs.


Platform foundation consists of slats or a solid piece. If it's a solid piece for a king-size, it's usually split into two twin-size boards. Remember that the foundation for the mattress will change the height of your sleeping area. There are options, whether you like sleeping higher or lower from the floor.


You can also get a bunkie board if your classic design bed requires a box spring. Box spring is a high foundation that goes on top of the supports, increasing the overall height of your sleeping area. Standard box springs are usually about 9 inches tall. Bunkie boards are much thinner, lowering the height to about 2-3 inches.