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How to Choose Between Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles

With so many choices of decor how can you recognize your style? Do you prefer a traditional design over modern or other way around is a tough and important question but there’s always a solution. If you can be a little bit creative and combine a few different styles together, you can form your own personal atmosphere with favorite furniture pieces. Tons of options out there, actually makes it tough for us to choose from and decide what’s best. Before saying anything else, let`s see the major differences between traditional and Modern Furniture.

For many people traditional furniture is somewhat an option that never goes out of the style and has been around forever. While this might be true you should steel keep an open mind for finding something more contemporary, keep your options open and may be mix it up a bit. For traditional furniture solid wood is often used in cherry and mahogany colors that offer rich and warm durable finishes. Nail heads, marble, leather and tapestry fabrics are also favorable. You will find large cushions and more of the plush comfort level on the sofas and decorative carvings, marble tops and large case goods on bedrooms. The drawers in traditional furniture are usually quite large and feature French or English dovetail, which stands for a durable construction. It can be identified by seeing a secure connection such as blocks, hard staples or nails between all pieces of the drawer rather than just glue holding it together. Metallic touch usually includes hardware in bronze and brass finishes. The designs here are likely to be frilly but when it comes to small space, avoid being overboard or stuffing. The fact is traditional decor is a bit ornate and also more causal.

It`s defined as furniture designed in Post WWII period mainly in Europe and US. Since then it has grown enormously and gave us creative unique designs enjoyed by many in their homes. Preferred by most fashion lovers modern furniture can be found in a variety of designs and sizes that will perfectly fit your room. Favorite colors here are black, white, red, brown produced in a rich lacquer, high gloss and matte finishes. Italian leather and single tone fabrics are often used for sofas that are available in stationary and sectional living rooms. Sleek geometric lines, clean-cut designs and one toned finish can be found in modern furniture collections. Bedroom sets feature metallic hardware, truly platform beds that don’t require box springs and solid wood constructions. Beds are usually slightly lower to the floors, slim case goods such as dresser and nightstands offers square patterns and mirrors sometimes go on the wall. The truth is, you will find curves as well as different features in modern furniture.

Apart from all differences, both of these types have one thing in common they help improving the comfort and luxury of your home. Sometimes it is better to pay attention to the actual furniture pieces that you like rather than trying to find out the style or the color.


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